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Graduate Research:
Fluid Mechanics 
Multi-phase Turbulent Flows

7. Vivek N. Prakash, J. M. Mercado, L. van Wijngaarden, E. Mancilla, Y. Tagawa, D. Lohse, and C. Sun
     Energy spectra in turbulent bubbly flows
     Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 791, 174-190 (2016)   

     [web link]  [PDF]

6. V. Mathai, Vivek N. Prakash, J. Brons, C. Sun and D. Lohse
     Wake-driven dynamics of finite-sized buoyant spheres in turbulence
     Physical Review Letters, 115, 124501 (2015)  

     [web link]  [PDF]

5. Y. Tagawa, I. Roghair, Vivek N. Prakash, M. van Sint Annaland, H. Kuipers, C. Sun, and D. Lohse
     The clustering morphology of freely rising deformable bubbles
     Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 721, R2 (2013)

     [web link]  [PDF]

4. Vivek N. Prakash, Y. Tagawa, E. Calzavarini, J. M. Mercado, F. Toschi, D. Lohse, and C. Sun
     How gravity and size affect the acceleration statistics of bubbles in turbulence
     New Journal of Physics, 14, 105017, (2012)  

     [web link]  [PDF]

     - New Journal of Physics ‘Research Highlights’ collection - 2012, 2013 [web link]
     - New Journal of Physics focus issue on ‘Dynamics of Particles in Turbulence’ [web link]
     - New Journal of Physics Video Abstract Prize - 2013 [web link]

3. J. M. Mercado*, Vivek N. Prakash*, Y. Tagawa, C. Sun, and D. Lohse
    Lagrangian statistics of light particles in Turbulence
    Physics of Fluids, 24, 055106 (2012)  

    [web link]  [PDF]  (*Equal authorship)

2. Y. Tagawa, J. M. Mercado, Vivek N. Prakash, E. Calzavarini, C. Sun, and D. Lohse
    Three-dimensional Lagrangian Voronoi analysis for clustering of particles and bubbles in turbulence
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 693, 201-215 (2012)  

    [web link]  [PDF]

1. Vivek N. Prakash, K. R. Sreenivas, and J. H. Arakeri
    The role of viscosity contrast on plume structure in laboratory modeling of mantle convection
    Chemical Engineering Science, 158, 245-256 (2017) 

    [web link] [PDF] 


17. Arnold J. T. M. Mathijssen*Maciej Lisicki*Vivek N. Prakash*, Endre J. L. Mossige* 

     Culinary fluid mechanics and other currents in food science, 

     Reviews of Modern Physics, 95, 025004  (2023) 

     [web link] [arXiv] [PDF]

      *Corresponding authors

16. Fuller, Gerald G., Maciej Lisicki, Arnold J.T.M. Mathijssen, Endre J.L. Mossige, Rossana Pasquino, Vivek N. Prakash,

      and Laurence Ramos. Kitchen flows: Making science more accessible, affordable, and curiosity driven 

      Physics of Fluids, 34, no. 11: 110401 (2022)

      [web link] [PDF]


21. Setareh Gooshvar**, Gopika Madhu*, Melissa Ruszczyk^, and Vivek N. Prakash#
      Non-bilaterians as Model Systems for Tissue Mechanics. 

      Integrative and Comparative Biology, 63, 6, 1442-1454 (2023) 

      [web link] [arXiv] [PDF]

       **Undergraduate student mentee*Graduate student mentee, ^Postdoctoral mentee

        #Corresponding author

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20. Rieko Asai, Vivek N. Prakash, Shubham Sinha*, Manu Prakash,

and Takashi Mikawa
Coupling and uncoupling of midline morphogenesis and cell flow in amniote gastrulation

eLife 12:RP89948 (2023)    

[weblink] [bioRxiv] [PDF]

*Graduate student mentee

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19. Patrick M. Kiel*, and Vivek N. Prakash**
Coral physiology: Going with the ciliary flow. 

Current Biology, 32(19), pp.R998-R1000 (2022) 

[web link] [PDF]

*Graduate student mentee

**Corresponding author

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18. Mia J. Konjikusic, Chanjae Lee, Yang Yue, Bikram D. Shrestha*, Ange M. Nguimtsop, Amjad Horani, Steven Brody, Vivek N. Prakash, Ryan S. Gray, Kristen J. Verhey, and John B. Wallingford
Kif9 is an active kinesin motor required for ciliary beating and proximodistal patterning of motile axonemes

Journal of Cell Science, 136 (5): (2023) 

[web link] [PDF[bioRxiv]

*Graduate student mentee

Art + Science

Fluid Mechanics

Faculty career @ University of Miami


Postdoctoral Research: Organismal Biophysics

14. Vivek N. Prakash, M. S. Bull and M. Prakash
Motility induced fracture reveals a ductile to brittle crossover in the epithelial tissues of a simple animal

Nature Physics, 17, 504–511 (2021)

[web link] [PDF] [bioRxiv]

Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 1.02.02 AM.png

13. M. S. Bull, Vivek N. Prakash, and M. Prakash
Ciliary flocking and emergent instabilities enable collective agility in a non-neuromuscular animal

(under preparation) (2022)

[arXiv preprint link] 

12. W. Gilpin, Vivek N. Prakash, and M. Prakash
Rapid behavioral transitions produce chaotic mixing by a planktonic microswimmer
(under preparation) (2022) 

[arXiv preprint link] 

11. W. Gilpin, Vivek N. Prakash, and M. Prakash
Dynamic vortex arrays created by starfish larvae
Physical Review Fluids, 2, 090501 (2017) 

[web link] [PDF]

10. W. Gilpin, Vivek N. Prakash, and M. Prakash
Flowtrace: simple visualization of coherent structures in biological fluid flows
Journal of Experimental Biology, 220, 3411-3418 (2017) 

[web link] [PDF]

Download Flowtrace here:
Cover of Journal of Experimental Biology (Volume 220, 2017) [web link]

9. W. Gilpin, Vivek N. Prakash, and M. Prakash
Vortex arrays and entangled cilia underly the feeding vs. swimming tradeoff in sea star larvae
Nature Physics, 13, 380-386 (2017) 

[web link] [PDF]

8. W. Gilpin, Vivek N. Prakash, and M. Prakash
Reply to 'Boundary effects on currents around ciliated larvae' 
Nature Physics, 13, 521-522 (2017) 

[web link] [PDF]


- News & Views: V. I. Fernandez & R. Stocker, Hydrodynamics: Modus vivendi, Nature Physics (2016) [web link] 
- APS/DFD ‘Milton van Dyke Award’ (Video) - 2016 [web link]
- ‘First place’, Nikon Small World in Motion Competition - 2016 [web link]
- ‘Image of distinction’, Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition - 2016 [web link]

- Media: Stanford NewsNew York TimesNature NewsPhys.orgLive ScienceScience DailyEurekAlertFuturityPopular ScienceBusiness InsiderDaily mailCBS NewsSmithsonianVoxFYFD

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15. Jenna Efrein, Carolyn (Jack) Delli-Santi**, and Vivek N. Prakash

      Glass, Marine Biology, & Physics 
      Glass Art Society Journal, Pages 49-51 (2023)      

      [web link] 

     **Undergraduate student mentee

-- Featured in Physics Magazine 'Arts and Culture': 

"Modeling Tissue Mechanics with Molten Glass", Physics 17, 55 (2024) 

[web link] [PDF]

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Our poster entry for APS DSOFT "Gallery of Soft Matter" Competition 2024 [web link] 

Screenshot 2024-06-15 at

22. Rieko Asai#, Shubham Sinha*#, Vivek N. Prakash**, and Takashi Mikawa**
Cellular flows initiate left-right patterning prior to laterality gene expression in amniotes

(to be submitted shortly) (2024)

[bioRxiv] [PDF]

*Graduate student mentee, #Equal contribution

**Corresponding authors

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